Ecology Bottle

 Ecology Bottle
Ultimate Recycle Bottle

Ecology Bottle-it’s the ultimate recycling,“Bottle to Bottle”recycling.

The most remarkable feature of glass container recycling is to be able to recycle a used bottle as a new bottle repeatedly, that is, “Bottle to Bottle” recycling. Using crushed glass chips (cullet) reduces CO2 emissions and saves energy and resources.

“Ecology Bottle Mark” : A bottle certified as an ecology bottle by the Japan Glass Bottle Association is allowed to carry the “Ecology Bottle” mark.

What is “Ecology Bottle” ?

A glass bottle in which cullet accounts for over 90% of its raw materials is called “Ecology Bottle” in the Japanese industry. This is the ultimate recycled bottle.
In addition, among Ecology Bottles, those that use more than 90% of cullet other than colorless or brown (mixed color cullet) are called “Super Ecology Bottle”.
*Even with 100% cullet, the strength of “Ecology Bottle” is the same as that of regular bottles.

Advantages of using “Ecology Bottle”

◆ Resource saving, Energy saving

“Ecology Bottle” have a direct effect on saving fuel energy (heavy oil, gas, electricity) in addition to saving the natural resources used as raw materials.
Every 10% increase in cullet usage improves thermal efficiency by approximately 2.5%.

◆ Reduction of air pollutant emissions

By saving energy, emissions such as CO2, SOx, and NOx generated in melting furnaces are reduced, leading to consideration of global warming, acid rain, and photochemical smog.

◆ Reduction of emissions

Increased use of cullet will reduce the amount of empty bottles sent to landfills, leading to a reduction in waste.

According to the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law, bottles other than “colorless” and “brown” are collected as “others” and become mixed colored cullet. “Other” cullet tended to be surplus due to an increase in imported products in green bottles.
The adoption of “Ecology Bottle” also contributes to the reduction of surplus cullet.

To promote the recycling of glass bottles

For “Ecology Bottle”, the quality of cullet directly influences product quality. Toyo Glass has been working actively on improvement of cullet quality in cooperation with cullet suppliers.