Ultra Lightweight Bottle

Ultra Lightweight Bottle

The ultimate lightweight bottle is called as “ultra lightweight bottle”. Toyo Glass is leading the industry through its technology in reducing bottle weight, and offers the largest variety of ultra lightweight bottles in the Japanese industry.

Definition of Ultra Lightweight Bottle

The Japan Glass Bottle Association determines a lightweight level of all glass containers using a specific mathematical formula and divides them into four classes from Level 1 to Level 4. The glass container which is classified as the lightest category, Level 4, is called as “ultra lightweight bottle”.

Graph on the left4 classes of degree of lightweighting of a glass container. L value is calculated by the following formula.
L value = 0.44 × Mass(g) ÷ Brimful Capacity(ml)0.77
Mark on the rightLightweight Bottle Mark of the Japan Glass Bottle Association

Advantages of lightweight bottle

Here are calculated reduction effects of environmental load per one million bottles.