Decorating technology

Decorating technology

We offer wider range of expression on glass containers. With the decorating technology of glass containers, it is possible to create a more luxurious and special feeling for customers’ bottled products.

By ordering our pre-label bottles, customers can streamline the investment of labelers and save many steps and time of labeling.

Please contact us regarding the “label” of the product.
Pre-labeling is a service that labels glass bottles with labels at the empty bottle stage in order to deliver them to customers. By pre-labeling, customers can streamline their investment and save many steps of labeling. We support two types of pre-labels, shrink label and tack label.

Shrink label

Shrink label is a labeling method by shrinking the label by heat. Since the shrink label can handle up to a cubic curved surface, a large display area can be obtained. Also, by covering the glass widely, you can expect the effect of protecting the contents from deterioration due to light rays.

Shrink Label Bottle image

Tack label

The tack label is a label with an adhesive on the back side, and it is labeled while peeling off the release paper with a labeler.
It has a high degree of freedom in label shape and deformed labels can also be used.
You can not only label up to a quadratic curved surface, but also you can label on the tapered part.

Tack Label Bottle image
ACL (Applied Ceramic Label) Printing is the oldest type of decoration for glass bottles, which prints directly on the glass surface.

ACL (Applied Ceramic Label) Printing is the oldest type of decoration for glass bottles, which prints directly on the glass surface.
Screen printing makes a glass bottle vivid and luxurious.
Since inorganic inks are used for ACL, which are melted and fused to glass at a lower temperature than the melting temperature of glass, it has high chemical resistance and can be used for printing on returnable bottles.

Multicolor Printing

With our state-of-the-art multicolor printing equipment, it is possible to print on variously-shaped bottles with high accuracy. Colorfully printed bottles can enhance the attraction of your product.

Embossing Printing

Embossing Printing is to add a visual effect as well as a texture similar to a paper label to a glass surface.

Embossing Printing
for Wine Bottle
Embossing Printing
for Shochu Bottle
Our self-developed coating TMC is a resin coating for glass containers with excellent expressiveness, functionality, environment-friendliness, and safety.

Resin Coating to expand the possibilty of glass containers.

TMC® (Toyo Multi Coat), developed by Toyo Glass, is a resin coating with great expressiveness, functionality, environment-friendliness, and safety. There are two(2) kinds of TMC®, one is for adding color variations to one-way bottles and the other is to make it possible for lightweight bottles to be returnable. And, our TMC® is completely free of endocrine disruptors so it’s safe to use as a package for food and beverages.

Color Variation for one-way bottles

The main feature of TMC® for one-way bottles is the wide variation in colors and effects. Colors and effects, such as warm colors, frosting effects and alabaster effects using TMC®, are able to extend the range of expression of glass containers.
By applying TMC® with a UV cut function, it becomes possible to protect any content which is susceptible to ultraviolet rays.
After use, the TMC coated bottles can be recycled as a non-coated glass container.

Color Variation
Frosting Effects

Coating for returnable bottles

TMC® for returnable bottles is applied to protect any glass surface from scratches which cause a reduction in product strength. Also, it can extend the product life of returnable bottles by maintaining its good appearance.

Coated returnable bottles for milk
Coated returnable bottles for seasoning/soft drinks